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Tips for Last Minute Holiday Shopping

If you find yourself in need of some last minute Christmas gift ideas, here are some helpful tips:Christmas Present

Think Personal Before you hit the store, spend just a few minutes thinking about the person. What do they like to do? What inspires them? Are they sporty? Stylish? A foodie? Getting thoughts on paper before you leave the house will save you from shopping burnout and maximize your time in the store.

Be Resourceful  You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get something amazing. Have a shopping list and a few go-to stores. Stores like T.J. Maxx and Marshalls are a great place to score deals on designer wares. Whether you’re looking for chunky knits, a graphic print scarf or designer sunglasses, these stores can be a treasure trove. Target and Kohl’s can also be places to get several gifts at once.

Go with an Everyday Item  Think of something they wouldn’t buy for themselves. It might be something small, like a luxury beauty product, something cashmere instead of wool, or even a fashionable handbag. The most important thing is to think about what fits their lifestyle and hobbies.

Think Outside the Box  There are thousands of gifts that you can print right from your home computer. Think about things like gift of the month clubs, experience gifts and other types of memberships or gift certificates. While your recipient will still receive an actual gift later, at least you will have something to put under the tree for now.

Don’t Shop Until You Drop  Take plenty of time to rest, get something to eat or drink and gather your thoughts. While it is true that you are limited on time, if you overdo it, chances are you will overspend or settle for gifts you normally would not have purchased.

Everyone wants to give thoughtful gifts. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be sure to bring a smile to someone special this holiday season. Happy shopping!