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A Little Known Secret

By Trena Winans, Outreach & Education Director
If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say they have lived in Midland for years but never knew Senior Services did (fill in the blank), I would be a rich woman after just five years working here! Since Secretmy department is in charge of our agency newspaper, e-news, flyers, social media, website and other ways to get the word out, I know how much we try to let the community know of all the top-notch services, interesting programs and ways to get involved that are offered through the agency. Yet a large number of people who could benefit from that knowledge are unaware. What is the secret sauce?

I think it might be you! People who already enjoy services that make life a little easier, volunteer to help others or participate in classes that engage mind and body know the great resources available to the older adults and family caregivers in this community. Might you be willing to share that knowledge with friends, neighbors and colleagues?

Perhaps some myth-busting and little-known fact sharing is in order. Did you know…

  • That Adult Day Services such as Seasons and Birchwood are not only for people with advanced dementia, and that clients who attend do not live here? People who sign up for one or more days a week at Seasons and Birchwood do so for a variety of reasons, including therapeutic programming that helps them achieve goals in spite of changes in their health such as stroke, Parkinson’s Disease or memory loss. The cost to attend is a tiny fraction of assisted living costs and allows people to remain home longer.
  • That anyone of any age who is helping a relative age 60+ with appointments, transportation, chores or medication reminders, can benefit from educational classes, support group and counseling?
  • That any older adult who is caring full-time for grandkids may be eligible to get once-yearly help with some piece of the expense for the care they are providing?
  • That you can get personalized help sorting through yearly Medicare enrollment options from a highly trained volunteer who has no profit motive and is not trying to sell anything?
  • That Activity & Dining Centers are not just for poor people or the oldest old? Meals have a sliding suggested donation based on income and participant ages vary widely. These are places to meet new people, take classes, pick up a new hobby, stay informed, have fun and enjoy a great meal!
  • That volunteer handymen can be scheduled to install certain safety items such as grab bars, raised toilet seats, or fire alarms if you own your own home?
  • That services such as Transportation and Meals on Wheels are not just for those who are frail? If you’ve had an injury and need a ride to medical appointments or are temporarily unable to prepare meals, these services could be for you.

Who do you know that might benefit from these services or others that we offer? Let’s work together to spread the “secret” of Senior Services and make sure everyone in Midland who could be, is living better!