The U.S. Census Bureau is conducting the 2020 Census, as it is constitutionally mandated to occur every ten years. The data that they will collect this year will determine funding and services for programs and services like Medicare, Medicaid, health services, food assistance programs, housing assistance programs, programs for children and schools, non-profits, lawmakers, small business owners, etc. It also determines the number of seats in the House of Representatives along with our number of electoral votes.

Each person not counted could mean a loss of up to $1800 per year. That is up to $1800 per person, multiplied by 10 years and then multiplied by the number of people who are not counted. For every 52,000 people who are not counted, Michigan could potentially lose roughly one billion dollars in funding. This is why it is so important that everyone in Michigan gets counted in this year’s census. This year may be a challenge due to the 2020 Census being offered primarily online, which is why Michigan is leading the effort to ensure a fair and accurate count.

Make sure to watch your mail for a postcard invitation to complete your survey online. This will arrive during the second or third week of March. The postcard will include the website to complete the 2020 Census, along with a unique identifier for your household. Please be sure to count every person in your house who spends most of their time there.

If you do not have technology to fill out your survey, call Abi Bridge, Census Coordinator at 989-633-3772 for information on assistance.

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