Welcome to the Coleman Center!


415 E. Webster Rd. in Coleman, MI 48618

* Activity and Dining Centers *
In keeping with the most recent suggestions from the CDC, we will close our five Activity and Dining Centers including all activities, classes, clinics and events for the next eight weeks. We hope to resume normal operations beginning Monday, May 11.


The Coleman Center is open from 9:00am-3:00pm, Monday-Friday. Lunch is served at 12:00pm.

What to Expect When You Visit for Lunch

If you plan to attend the Coleman Center for lunch, here is what you may want to know:

  • Make your reservations before 9:00am by calling 465-6216 or by signing the yellow reservation sheet, located at the center, for the appropriate date and meal.
  • When you arrive, sign in on the white sheet on the table near the front door.  Donations are placed in the brown metal box by the sign in sheet.
  • Help yourself to coffee or tea at the beverage bar.
  • Placemats, napkins and silverware are next to the serving window.
  • At Noon, there are announcements and then grace is said. The Pledge of Allegiance is recited on Mondays.
  • Lunch is then served from the serving window and the salad bar is available at that time as well.  You will get your lunch when your table number is called.
  • Bus your own tray after lunch using the dish window.

Coleman Advisory Board

The Coleman Friendly Folks meets on the second Tuesday of every month.  They have four officers which include a President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President and a combined Secretary/ Treasurer.

The Coleman Friendly Folks have their own bank account and make decisions on how to spend it. Each year, they generally give a donation to United Way, sponsor the horseshoe tournament for the Railway Family Center in Coleman, donate to the Coleman Schools Board Scholars program and donate to the Coleman Food Pantry.  They also use their funds for the enjoyment and betterment of the Coleman Center for things such as computer supplies or reclining chairs.