Welcome to the Greendale Center!


4011 West Isabella Rd. in Shepherd, MI 48883

Located at West Midland Family Center

* COVID-19 Service Update*
In keeping with the most recent suggestions from the CDC, and the local, state and federal government, our five Activity and Dining Centers including all activities, classes, clinics and events have been cancelled until further notice. Online fitness classes and educational opportunities are available by visiting our calendar (link to calendar), we hope to resume normal operations soon. Please follow our social channels on Facebook and Twitter for the most up to date announcements.


The Greendale Center is open from 8:00am-2:00pm, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Lunch is served at 12:00pm.

What to Expect When You Visit for Lunch

If you’d like to visit the Greendale Center for lunch here are some helpful tips:

  • Make your reservations before 9:00am by calling 832-8683 or by signing the yellow reservation sheet, located at the center, for the appropriate date and meal.
  • The Greendale Center is located in the West Midland Family Center. Enter through the first door on the left, off the large parking lot entrance.
  • When you arrive, sign the white sheet at the table directly as you enter the dining room door. Donations are placed in the box by the sign in sheet.
  • Help yourself to coffee, coffee bar items, teas, cocoa and ice water located at the coffee station.
  • At Noon, there are announcements and then grace is said.
  • Lunch is then served from the serving window. Silverware is picked up at the beginning of the line. If you need assistance with your meal, let one of the staff members know.
  • A salad bar is available before lunch.
  • A staff member or volunteer will bus your tray after lunch.

Greendale Advisory Board

The Greendale Advisory Board meets every other month to discuss activities and plan for future events. President: Barb Smith, Vice President: Ruth Krotzer, Secretary: Sandy Engle and Trustee: Louise Fair.