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Care Coordination Corner

Managing medication can be an enormous task when combating chronic illness; however, improper management can cause harm. Here are some helpful hints to effectively manage and get the most benefits from your prescription medications:

  • Complete a Vial of Life (shown here). This is an excellent tool for recording, updating health details, and placing on your refrigerator for EMS to access in an emergency. Contact Senior Services if you do not have a Vial of Life.
  • Take a list of your medications to each medical appointment, and update when there are changes. Make sure each medical provider that you see is aware of all the medications you take.
  • Ask your doctor, pharmacist, or search pharmaceutical websites for the best time of day to take the medication, how to store the medication (out of sunlight, correct temperature or to refrigerate); what foods to avoid while taking the medication; and what over-the-counter medications to avoid while taking the medication.
  • Request how to obtain helpful tools from your pharmacy, such as: pre-dosed bubble packs, weekly organizing dispensers, alarms for proper dosage times, and home delivery.

Affording medications can be an equally difficult task. Consider the following for cost savings:

  • Investigate Part D prescription plans for 2021 during Medicare Open Enrollment October 15 through December 7. Watch Prime Times for more information on scheduling an appointment with a Senior Services MMAP Volunteer.

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