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Celebrate LIFE at Your Activity & Dining Center

September is National Senior Center Month

The National Theme of Senior Center Month is “Celebrate LIFE at Your Senior Center”
Senior Center MonthL = Learning – Expand your knowledge
I = Independence – Live on your terms
F = Friends – Enjoy life
E = Energy – Discover health & vitality

Older adults today are very different from previous groups of older people. Those who are 60 years or older are now a more diverse group and many are still working and have no immediate plans to quit, have active social lives and an appetite for living and learning.

As we celebrate National Senior Center Month, it is worthy to note that Senior Services’Activity & Dining Centers are adapting to the changing face of the senior population. Westill offer bingo, knitting and dances because a lot of people enjoy these activities. But today’sofferings also include Zumba, painting classes, fitness centers and computer labs.

And in addition to providing blood pressure checks and foot care programs, our centers host programs on nutrition, history, political issues and economic well-being. Growing old doesn’t mean you stop growing and Senior Services can help you stay active, learn new skills and meet new people. We offer many fun, interesting and thought-provoking programs every month.

In honor of National Senior Center Month, there are many events and offerings in Midland County for September. Visit the Calendar on this website or see the Activity Center page and click around to see what’s going on in your area of Midland County. Find something that suits you and “Celebrate LIFE” at your Activity & Dining Center!