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Census 2020 Update

There is still time to respond to the census! Michigan has been doing a fantastic job thus far. As of the middle of June, according to 2020census.gov, Michigan was ranked fourth in response rate with about 67% of the population responding. This equates to about 3,200,000 individuals counted. Midland ranks 34th in the county list which includes all counties throughout the nation. Out of all of the counties in Michigan specifically, Midland is ranked third with 76.3% of individuals counted. Keep up the good work! Make sure all of your friends, family, and neighbors are responding to the census and counting everyone that lives in their home. Want to see the response rates for your community and more? Please visit – 2020census.gov/en/response-rates

As the county of Midland has been recovering from the flood damage, it’s been apparent how important emergency planning and funding have been. Accurate census data helps provide funding and resources from the state and federal levels to affected areas. We want to keep our community safe and prepared for the coming years, so please make sure you are getting counted in the 2020 Census.

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