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Cutting-Edge Technologies for Older Adults

More than 4,000 companies exhibited at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, showing off the world’s latest and greatest consumer technologies. This is a sampling of what global pioneers have to offer for older adults.

IQbuds. Wireless earbuds create a custom listening profile by evaluating the user’s hearing. They use an app dubbed Ear ID to automatically calibrate the earbuds to the wearer, using a hearing test you’d normally only get from an audiologist. Of particular interest to older adults, noise control technology can selectively tune out the world around you, while speech amplification enhances your ability to hear conversations in crowded restaurants, at events or at parties. Find out more at Nuheara.com.

Lookout Smart Door Viewer. The tiny door viewer is designed to work with the company’s ezGuard security camera, or pair it with Amazon Alexa. What sets this system apart is how it uses facial recognition. Using the EZVIZ app, the homeowner can allow friends and family to access the home. Learn more at TechCrunch.com. Search for Lookout Smart Door Viewer.

Cutii. Simple robot Cutii provides a full catalog of activities and services that older adults can access with vocal and facial recognition. It can’t do chores like cooking or washing dishes, but it does schedule and coordinate enrichment and well-being activities like contacting family members, setting doctor appointments and registering for fitness classes. Control Cutii with a remote or leave it to navigate autonomously around the home. Explore Cutii at DigitalTrends.com. Search for Cutii.

Woohoo. Woohoo uses features such as gesture control, motion and fall detection, a smart camera with facial recognition, natural language processing voice commands, and audio/video conferencing to connect home and office. You can control every device through the artificial intelligence platform and a mobile app. Woohoo can monitor pets via the camera, tell you Mom’s blood pressure is fine, order up an Uber or make a hands-free call. Woohoo is the control center for your smart home and more. Discover more at SmartBeings.com.

Invoxia Triby Speaker. This battery-powered speaker features an embedded voice service system and can mount on your kitchen refrigerator. With voice control and a smart speaker, internet radio, hands-free speakerphone and a connected message board, Triby can really make your life easier. You can use the voice service to play music, provide information, get the news, set alarms, control smart home devices, and more just using your voice. Learn more at CNET.com. Search for Invoxia Triby Speaker.

ADT Health on Samsung GearWatch. Power trio ADT security, Reemo Health and Samsung have joined to create a personal emergency response system. You can maintain your coolness factor no matter your age by ditching the traditional pendant or wristband for a Gear watch. A quick tap
connects you immediately to a specially trained ADT agent. The watch can also track fitness trends, including number of steps and heart rate, to encourage activity and help you maintain an independent lifestyle. Research ADT and GearWatch for more information.