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Atlas CareMap Workshop Book Online

Transformative Conversation

Caring for others, especially our close relatives and friends, is a fundamental human activity. Almost everyone contributes to the wellbeing of at least a few people, and almost everyone is supported by others throughout their lives. Attending an Atlas CareMap workshop provides you with an opportunity to better understand your care ecosystem. It is also a chance to talk with others and help each other better understand your situation, plan for potential difficulties, identify missing people and services, and communicate with everyone. It can also help you to appreciate what is going well already!

Participants will learn to identify the main actors in their own support system, and make a “map” of their careecosystem, showing who is  whom, and the strength of the links between them. From there, small groups will be formed to discuss the maps of each person, thus learning from each other along the way. Whether you think of yourself as a care recipient, a care partner, or someone who just helps a friend or relative occasionally, this workshop is for you! Class size is limited, so register early to save your spot at 633-3700.


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