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Creating Confident Caregivers

Thursdays, March 26-April 30 • 12-2 pm
$25 suggested donation • Trailside • Room 160

Taking care of someone with dementia is specialized work. For most family caregivers, caregiving itself is a new role, one for which training is needed, just as you would receive training for any new job. The Creating Confident Caregivers program helps family carers better understand the changes their loved ones are experiencing, and how to best provide individualized care for their person throughout the progression of Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias.

Also known as ‘Savvy Caregiver,’ CCC is an outstanding evidence-based program that helps people caring for a person experiencing the myriad symptoms of dementia, to gain the knowledge, skills, and frame of mind necessary to navigate their challenging role. During the 6-week series of classes, caregivers learn how to adopt a strategic outlook on the care they provide that will help them understand how their person can remain more contentedly involved in their daily life, while also putting themselves back on their priority list.

Creating Confident Caregivers is supported by funds from the Older Americans Act.

Space is extremely limited, so call early to reserve a spot at 633-3700.