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Microsoft Word for the Digitally Disadvantaged

One-Day Workshop ~ 1 hour lunch on your own or bring your lunch

Whether you are a newbie or a computer tinkerer, this workshop is for you! Meet computer author and instructor Mike Wilson. Your patient instructor will teach the basics, as well as the proper use of tabs (a timesaver), soft return and hard return, manually adjusting margins, finding and replacing text, sorting lists alphabetically, mastering tables, auto-correcting typos and features, inserting pictures, numbering pages, using page setup, saving PDF and Word files, using shortcut keys, and creating labels.

A $65 fee includes the full-day workshop and Mike’s “senior-friendly” 100-page workbook on how to use Microsoft Word. Checks payable that day to “Library Computer Tutor.”

Four computers will be supplied for the first four who register. You may bring your own fully-charged computer with Microsoft Word installed, or just come for the large-screen demonstration as you learn from Mike’s book. Call 633-3700 to register.