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Our Love/Hate Relationship with Hearing Aids

A Lunchtime Learners Presentation

Fri, March 27 | 11:45 am-1 pm
Trailside • Room 160

Talk to people who use hearing aids and you will frequently find mixed feelings about these devices. Comfort, convenience, cost, and effectiveness are major concerns and yet, a good hearing aid can reduce isolation and allow people to re-enter the conversation. Why do people not wear hearing aids? Why are they so expensive? What’s the best way to purchase hearing aids, and why are hearing screenings important?

With over 30 years of experience in the field of hearing health, audiologist, Dr Wall will share helpful tips along with information on where low-income seniors can turn for help to get hearing aids. Dr Wall earned her Master’s in Audiology (M.S.) from Wayne State University and her Doctorate in Audiology (Au.D.) from Pennsylvania College of Optometry, School of Audiology. Dr Wall is a member of numerous professional associations. She is frequently invited to lecture throughout the country on aural rehabilitation and her own approach to dispensing hearing instruments. She currently serves as Clinical Advisor to students in the Audiology program at CMU.

Aim to arrive by 11:30 am in Trailside and after your table is called, take your lunch into room 160. The talk will begin as close to 11:45 am as possible and end by 1 pm. Space is limited in the room, so please call ahead to reserve your spot and register for lunch at 989-633-3700. Lunches are by donation to those over 60, or $6 for those under 60.