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TED: You & Your Doctor Book Online

4 questions you should always ask your doctor
“Doctor, is this really necessary?” Backed by startling statistics about over treatment, neurosurgeon Christer Mjåset explains the power of this and other simple questions in the context of medical treatment and surgery—and shares how patients can better work with doctors to get the care they need.
What Americans agree on when it comes to health
We may not be as deeply divided as we think—at least when it comes to health, says Rebecca Onie. In a talk that cuts through the noise, Onie shares research that shows how Americans agree on what they need to live good lives—and asks both health care providers and patients to focus on what makes us healthy, not what makes us angry.
What the US health care system assumes about you
The US health care system assumes many things about patients—that they can take off from work in the middle of the day, have a working telephone and a steady supply of food. Because of that, it’s failing many of those who are most in need. In this eye-opening talk, Mitchell Katz shares stories of the challenges low-income patients face—and how we can build a better system for all.

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TED Talks offer knowledge and inspiration from the world’s foremost thinkers in video presentations online for free. Join educator Tom Lowrey on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month during lunch to watch TED talks (typically 10-20 minutes each) and participate in lively discussion about the ideas presented. As always, we hold TED Talks to generate discussion and thought. The views expressed by TED speakers do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Senior Services or its employees.

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