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Evidence Based Programs

By Renee Hansen, Senior Services Public Relations Manager.

Over the last few years, Senior Services has made a significant effort to increase the quality of the health programs they offer. Many of the programs are “evidence-based.” But what exactly does an evidence-based program mean?

To be considered “evidence-based,” programs have to:

  • Demonstrate effectiveness in improving health and well-being or reducing disease, disability or injury
  • Undergo evaluation
  • Be written up in a peer reviewed journal
  • Use a form of control condition and experimental design
  • Be proven effective with the older adult population

Evidence-based workshops empower people to take an active role in managing their own health or that of the person they care for. The goal is to help participants become better self-managers who have the knowledge, skills, outlook and ability to successfully navigate the challenges they face.

The evidence-based classes offered by Senior Services include Creating Confident Caregivers, Matter of Balance, Move with Balance, Chronic Pain PATH (Personal Action Toward Health) and Diabetes PATH.

If you have any questions about Senior Services health programs, please call 989-633-3700.