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New Mobile Technology Lab Gets People Connected

mobile-tech-labThanks to a donation from Charles Campbell, Senior Services has purchased everything needed for a Mobile Technology Lab. The lab features 15 Chromebooks and 15 iPads. Both models are larger in size, making it easier to use for those who have challenges with dexterity and vision. The iPads come with optional keyboards, which light up so characters are easier to see.

Senior Services added a wireless connection dedicated to the use of this lab and a mobile charging cart where all devices can be stored and charged in one space. In addition, the lab has Chromecast, a device that allows an instructor’s computer screen to be projected onto a bigger screen during classes. Senior Services has also created special email and social media accounts where people can practice before
setting up accounts of their own.

Since its purchase last month, the Mobile Technology Lab has already been used for two successful programs. On Chemical Bank Cares Day, bank employees came to Senior Services and helped seniors with technology questions and issues. On October 17, the Cyber-Seniors program began. Thirty older adults were paired with young mentors from Dow High School to learn how to use email and social media to connect with family and friends. Seniors can use the devices from the lab or bring their own.

“We’ve already seen some great results from these programs,” says Trena Winans, Senior Services Education & Outreach Director. “During both Cyber-Seniors and Chemical Bank Cares Day, those providing assistance found several security issues with our clients’ accounts and found solutions to the problems.”

Senior Services will continue to provide programs that will utilize the new mobile lab, starting in the main building and later at the other Activity & Dining Centers, and possibly to other locations in the community.