Ouch! Why Does This Still Hurt? Chronic Pain Self-Management Workshop

Wednesdays, June 10-July 15
1-3:30 pm

Information Session:
Wednesday, June 3
1-1:30 pm

Pain can make everything in your life to come to a grinding halt. We have all experienced pain at some point, but when the pain becomes an unending reality, you need new tactics and techniques to allow you to live fully in spite of the hurt. Sufferers struggle with medication management, sleep deprivation, and a whole host of mental and emotional challenges that tend to follow in the wake of chronic pain.

Get the support and confidence you need to resume a healthy, active life in spite of the pain! This class is proven effective through multiple studies. On average, people who participate in the program have more energy, less pain, less dependence on others, improved mental health, are more involved in everyday activities, and are more satisfied with their lives compared to those who have not taken the class. It also helps with coping skills, education, and overall quality of life.

This excellent evidence-based program is appropriate for those with chronic pain, and caring family members. Meeting 2.5 hours once per week for six weeks and led by two trained leaders, the class covers such topics as: techniques to deal with problems such as frustration, fatigue, isolation, and poor sleep, appropriate exercise for maintaining and improving health, and much more. Classes are highly participative, where mutual support and success build confidence in one’s ability to manage health and maintain an active and fulfilling life.

The Chronic Pain Self-Management Program is supported by funds from the Older Americans Act. The class size is limited so registration is essential!

This class will be meeting online through Zoom. Register below.

*Is this class for you? Please attend a short Informational Meeting from 1-1:30 pm on June 3.

Chronic Pain Self-Management Workshop

  • Online classes are limited to those living in Midland County, MI.
  • You will receive an email with class instructions and orientation information as it pertains to your class. If you have questions, call 989-633-3700.