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Our Handyman Can Help

Many older adults have to give up the independence of living in their home simply because the home has not been modified for their safety. Senior Services Team of Handymen to the rescue! A volunteer team helps seniors maintain their homes by making them safe and secure. Our handymen are trusted, qualified volunteers who complete the jobs they start.

Team Handyman makes sure that:

  • Slip hazards inside the home such as rugs, cords, etc. are secured
  • Stairs and handrails are secure
  • Anti-slip surfaces are installed in bath tubs
  • Grab bars are installed
  • Raised toilet seats are installed
  • All exterior doors are secure
  • Windows and screens are secure and working
  • Outside entrance lights are functioning
  • Exterior areas around the house are safe
  • Ceiling light bulbs are replaced

Team Handyman also installs carbon monoxide detectors, smoke alarms, nightlights and completes other safety-related repairs and tasks.

To be eligible for Handyman services you must be a Midland County resident and a homeowner or have permission from your landlord. Labor and parts are free, however, donations are greatly appreciated and are used to help expand the program and help more people in the community.

Here’s what one of our Handyman clients had to say:
Mr. & Mrs. Beckworth came to our house. Mr. Beckworth installed a grab bar by my front door. He also installed a grab bar in our bathroom to be safe getting out of the tub. He put a raised seat on the toilet and installed toilet support bars. He brought a shower seat and put it in our bath tub so we will be safe while showering. We are very grateful for all these home repairs.

Mrs. Beckworth helped us be aware of how to prevent fires and falls. Her advice included:

  • Keep fire place door shut
  • Put sticky tape under floor protectors
  • Take matchbox from fireplace ledge and put in metal container in kitchen cupboard
  • Keep papers and other flammables away from the fireplace
  • Clean fireplace chimney regularly
  • Turn off stove burners when I leave the kitchen
  • Use a night light

For more details about our Handyman Services, contact your Care Coordinator or call the Team Handyman hotline at 633-3742. Like previous clients, be on your way to a more safe and secure place to live!