Powerful Tools for Caregivers

Put on Your Oxygen Mask First!

Sept 2-30 & Fri, Sept 11
12:30-2 pm
No Obligation
Information Session:
Thurs, Aug 27 • 12-12:30 pm
In-person at Trailside

You can only help another if you first take care of yourself! Family members who assist in the care of a loved one tend to spend themselves until there is little left. In this evidence-based program taking place over the course of six weeks, caregivers develop a wealth of self-care tools to reduce personal stress, change negative self-talk, communicate their needs to other family members and healthcare providers, deal with difficult feelings and make tough caregiving decisions. Powerful Tools for Caregivers is a program you can count on to make a positive difference in your life! A recent participant said this, “After taking this class I am a more confident caregiver! Having tools to resolve problems is a definite advantage in becoming a better caregiver and a happier, wiser, and healthier me… a healthier us!”

The Powerful Tools for Caregivers Program is supported by funds from the Older Americans Act. Class size is limited to 8 participants so register early at
633-3700 or below.