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Senior Services Volunteer Handyman, Literally, to the Rescue!

We often say that to make homes safe and secure for older adults, a Senior Services Handyman will come to the rescue. That is even more true in the case of volunteer handyman Howie Schaeding. Recently, Howie installed carbon monoxide detectors that saved two people from serious carbon monoxide poisoning.

In one instance, Senior Services Care Coordinator Trish Brown visited a client in their home. The client was experiencing light headedness and feeling sick. Trish suspected something was wrong and made a referral to Team Handyman to install a carbon monoxide detector. That volunteer was Howie. As soon as it was installed, the alarm went off. Trish quickly referred a licensed heating and cooling company to come to the house for an inspection. They found that the furnace was malfunctioning and emitting carbon monoxide. More arrangements were made, and a new furnace was put in right away. The client is now in good health and doing great.

Not only does Howie volunteer for Senior Services as a handyman, he is also a Meals on Wheels volunteer, delivering hot meals to older adults. As a result, he is always looking out for people’s safety. Another time, he installed a carbon monoxide detector in a Meals on Wheels client’s home. When he delivered a meal to her home, she mentioned that the carbon monoxide detector’s alarm kept going off. Howie told her to call 911 right away and let them know. That person is also now safe from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Senior Services Team Handyman

Senior Services handyman program is a group of volunteers that help people maintain their homes by making them safe and secure. Team Handyman makes sure that:

  • Slip hazards inside the home such as rugs, cords, etc. are secured
  • Stairs and handrails are secure
  • Anti-slip surfaces are installed in bath tubs
  • Grab bars are installed
  • Raised toilet seats are installed
  • All exterior doors are secure
  • Windows and screens are secure and working
  • Outside entrance lights are functioning
  • Exterior areas around the house are safe
  • Ceiling light bulbs are replaced

We know that Team Handyman installs carbon monoxide detectors, but they also install smoke alarms, offer energy efficient light bulbs and complete other safety-related repairs and tasks. Labor and parts are free to seniors in Midland County who own their homes. However, donations are greatly appreciated and are used to help expand the program and help more people in the community. For more details about our Handyman Services, contact your Care Coordinator or call the Team Handyman hotline at 989-633-3742. Like previous clients, be on your way to a more safe and secure place to live!