Welcome to Birchwood

Birchwood Services have Moved to our Seasons Location


4812 Dublin Ave. in Midland, MI  48640

Located Across from the Senior Services Main Building.

About Birchwood

Birchwood is an activity based daytime program for people who may be living with minor changes in their physical health and/or memory and feel it is impacting their quality of life. Sometimes when faced with unforeseen barriers, people may find themselves withdrawing from social settings or even having difficulty engaging in things they are interested in. Birchwood is a program for people who want to be with others who are also living with physical or memory changes and desire to live as well as they can regardless of any barriers they may be experiencing.

Birchwood is located inside the Seasons building at 4812 Dublin Ave. in Midland and participants can attend any days and times between Monday–Friday from 8:30am–5:00pm.

Why Attend Birchwood?

Whether you are interested in exercising your brain, staying social, working on physical fitness or participating in current or past leisure interests, Birchwood has something for each and every person. Our team includes a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) and specially trained program staff. By design, everything you do at Birchwood is beneficial and we’ll make sure to keep you up to date on what each program specifically targets.

How to Get Started

Tour: Birchwood welcomes potential participants and their families to stop in for a tour. This provides us an opportunity to meet each other and discuss what types of programs would be beneficial. Feel free to call us at 989-633-3700 to schedule a tour.

Free Trial Days: The next step is to schedule your two free trial days. This is a great way to experience the camaraderie with others.

Enrollment: If you determine that Birchwood will work for you, we then move to enrollment. There is basic enrollment paperwork to complete and we’ll discuss what schedule best meets your needs.

What Does a Day Look Like?

Your time at Birchwood is filled with programs backed by therapeutic design. Our team consists of a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) and specially trained program staff. Together with you, a plan will be developed that best meets your personal goals. By design, everything you do at Birchwood is beneficial and we‘ll make sure to keep you up to date on what each program specifically targets.

  • Community engagement and projects
    Volunteer Opportunities
    Outings and Excursions
  • Creative Arts and Music
    Art History
    DIY Craft Class
    Painting Class (led by professional artist)
    Live Entertainment
    Music Appreciation
  • Discussion Groups
    Hot Topics
    TED Talks
    You Be The Judge
  • Life Skills Preservation
    Culinary Skills
    Technology Corner
    Staff-Participant Collaboration
  • Mentally Stimulating Programs
    Brain Training
    Word Challenges
  • Opportunities for Learning or Teaching
    Health & Wellness Sessions
    Men’s and Women’s Groups
  • Physical Exercise – Individual and Group
    Strength Training
    Low Impact Exercise
    Tai Chi
    Fitness Room
    Recreational Activities
  • Socialization and Camaraderie
    Holiday & Event Celebrations
    Friendly Noon Dining Experience
    Card Club, Pool Table, and Bingo

If You Need Some Assistance

If you have trouble with your balance, use equipment to walk or need a little help in the restroom, the staff at Birchwood can assist you. Many of the people who attend Birchwood are living with physical changes that perhaps occurred after a stroke or associated with a chronic illness such as Parkinson’s or Huntington’s disease. Whatever type of physical assistance is needed, the staff at Birchwood will discreetly help at the level that is most beneficial allowing folks to maintain their highest level of independence.

Health Monitoring and Nursing Support

The Birchwood nurse is available to work with you and your physician on living well with minor health related change as you age. Additional supports can include:

  • Complete health monitoring through routine nursing assessments
  • Coordinating and referral to other health services such as foot care, physical or occupational therapy and in home nursing services
  • Dietary modifications
  • Education and support
  • Managing medical emergencies that may occur
  • Managing oxygen therapy, insulin and  nebulizer administration
  • Medication consultation or assistance
  • Memory and depression screenings

Optional Additional Services

Other services that are available at Birchwood include:

  • Foot Care
  • Full service hair salon
  • Massage Therapy
  • Personal Care (shower or whirlpool spa bath)
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapies
  • Transportation (for Midland County residents)