Welcome to Seasons Adult Day Health Services


4812 Dublin Ave. in Midland, MI  48640

Located Across from the Senior Services Main Building.

Open Mon-Fri | 8 am-4:30 pm
AM Session: 8 am-12 pm
PM Session: 12:30-4:30 pm
No-drop-ins | Must Schedule in Advance

About Seasons

Seasons is an activity based center and a leader in community-based daytime care for individuals living with chronic diseases, changes in memory or with dementias such as Alzheimer’s disease. The center provides an interactive, socially engaging, safe and secure environment. Activities incorporate cognitive and sensory stimulation, memory training, creative arts, music, physical exercise, educational programs, occupational and life skills.

Reasons to Attend

There are significant benefits for the person who attends Seasons. The socially and mentally stimulating environment helps to maintain, or even improve, cognitive and physical function through participation in the therapeutic activity programs. Health monitoring and nursing services help to maintain optimal physical and cognitive health.

Not only can Seasons significantly improve a person’s quality of life, it can provide caregivers a break from the demands of caregiving, allowing them a period of rest. Seasons can also considerably delay much more costly assisted living or nursing home placement.

Getting Started

Tour: Seasons welcomes families, participants and caregivers to stop in for a tour at 4812 Dublin Ave. in Midland. This provides an opportunity to meet one another, to gather information about the person being cared for and discuss what types of services would be beneficial. To schedule a tour, please call us at 989-633-3700.

Free Trial Days: The next step is to schedule the two free trial days. This is a great way to experience the benefits of Seasons for both the person attending and the family.

Enrollment: If it is determined that Seasons is a good fit, we then move to enrollment. There is basic enrollment paperwork to complete and we’ll discuss what schedule best meets the person’s and family needs.

What Does a Day Look Like?

Seasons offers a wide variety of stimulating activities that focus on individual interests, abilities and strengths. Each hour we offer different programs that include, cognitive and sensory stimulation, memory training, occupational and life skills, discussion groups, use of technology (such as an iPad), music, physical exercise, socialization, art and craft projects, reminiscence, horticulture, cooking and baking, community outings and special events.

Every participant at Seasons is welcome and encouraged to join scheduled activities. Each activity can be individually modified to fit someone’s specific needs. If a participant is not interested in joining the scheduled activity, one-on-one and other smaller group activities are offered.

Health Monitoring & Nursing Support

The Seasons’ nurse is available to work closely with you, your family member, and physician to help maintain optimal physical and cognitive health.

  • Complete health monitoring through routine nursing assessments
  • Memory and depression screenings
  • Medication administration and assistance
  • Oxygen therapy and nebulizer treatments
  • Diabetic management and dietary modifications
  • Education and support
  • Coordination and referrals to other health services such as foot care, massage therapy, counseling, home care and physical, occupational or speech therapy

Optional Additional Services

  • Full service hair salon
  • Massage Therapy
  • Personal Care (shower or whirlpool bath)
  • Physical, Occupational & Speech therapies
  • Transportation (for Midland County residents)

What Does it Cost?

Insurance and Funding: There are a variety of funding sources available which may pay for all or part of a participant’s attendance at Seasons. These would include things such as Long Term Care Insurance policies, the Veteran’s Administration and Medicaid Waiver Programs.

Grants and Scholarships: If there is limited ability to pay for Seasons, we will work with the family on an individual basis to determine eligibility for possible grant or scholarships opportunities.

Fees: The fees listed below include a beneficial range of therapeutic and stimulating programs that focus on Physical Exercise, Socialization, Cognition, Life Skills, Music and Creativity. Also included each day is Nursing Services, Medication & Dietary Management, Personal Care Assistance, a Hot Lunch and Refreshments.

$25 / 2-Hour Rate
$55 / 4-Hour Rate, Includes Lunch
$75 / Full Day Rate, Any Time Over 4 Hours
$15 Shower Services
$18 Whirlpool Spa Tub Services
$2.50 Transportation Per Ride