Help for Caregivers

About Our Caregiving Services

Caring for someone you love involves many emotional ups and downs and can also be physically demanding. Caregivers face a host of challenges in learning to manage a daunting new array of tasks.  These range from medication oversight to financial management; from how to perform basic daily care to gaining an understanding of the disease.  Caregiver Education Classes and Caregiver Support Groups increase your understanding of the challenges of caregiving and give you the knowledge to make caregiving easier. While most are planned for family caregivers, some are geared towards both the caregiver and other family members as well.

If you would like more information about how Senior Services can help caregivers, start by calling 989-633-3700.

Caregiver Classes

For family caregivers, knowing what to do to support someone who needs care doesn’t always come naturally.  Most caregivers could use some advice or training now and then.  Senior Services offers regular training and events to provide skills and knowledge that will help you better fulfill this role including:

  • Creating Confident Caregivers:  Creating Confident Caregivers is an evidence-based program that helps people caring for a person suffering from the memory loss and confusion of dementia, to gain the knowledge, skills and frame of mind necessary to navigate their challenging role. Through the six-week series of classes, caregivers learn how to adopt a strategic outlook on the care they provide that will help them keep their person more contentedly involved in their daily life, and take care of themselves as well. Respite care at no charge may be available if needed to attend.
  • Powerful Tools for Caregivers: Family members who assist in the care of a loved one tend to spend themselves until there is little left. In this evidence-based program taking place over the course of six weeks, caregivers develop a wealth of self-care tools to reduce personal stress, change negative self-talk, communicate their needs to other family members and healthcare providers, deal with difficult feelings and make tough caregiving decisions. Powerful Tools for Caregivers is a program you can count on to make a positive difference in your life!
  • Monthly Caregiver Training: Each month Senior Services offers at least one workshop on a topic specific to caregiving. Topics include Dementia 101, Challenging Behaviors, Communication, Finance and Legal Issues, CPR and more. Many other education programs held by Senior Services provide information useful for caregivers. Check the calendar for descriptions.
  • Keeping it Together: This advanced planning program is for caregivers organizing a loved one’s paperwork of for anyone who wants to prepare and plan for their future. You’ll receive information about topics such as Advanced Funeral Planning, Estate Planning and Advance Medical Directives.

Caregiver Support Group

Caring for your spouse or loved one can be both rewarding and challenging. This confidential support group is for men or women taking care of another person, be it their spouse, friend or family member. The group discusses current stressful situations that involve caregiving, and participants problem solve to find solutions and appropriate ways of coping. Educational material, tips and techniques are always included to help you as a caregiver. If you’d like to attend the Caregiver Support Group, please call 989-633-3700 for more information. Individuals may attend on a regular or occasional basis.

Counseling for Caregivers

We offer individual and family counseling for caregivers.

Individual Caregiver Counseling: Assisting a family member can be stressful, especially for those trying to juggle other responsibilities. Symptoms of anxiety and depression can result from frustration and unresolved resentments from their past. Counseling can help caregivers come to terms with the impact of past family issues, increase their coping skills and improve their moods and ability to function more effectively in the present.

Family Caregiver Counseling: A facilitated family meeting led by a professional Counselor provides an opportunity for everyone to listen to each other’s opinions and concerns without escalating to destructive anger and damaged relationships. Problems and conflicts are identified, improvements and solutions are sought that are fair to everyone, and a plan for task delegation is developed.