About Counseling Services

Through a collaboration with Family and Children’s Services, counseling is offered at Senior Services, 4700 Dublin Avenue in Midland. Home visits may be available if necessary. Family and Children’s Services counselors are providers for Medicare Part B and other insurance plans. Annual deductible and co-pays or reasonable fees may apply.

Call Senior Services at 989-633-3700 to learn more.

Individual Counseling

Senior Services specializes with helping and serving older adults and understands they are faced with many challenges and concerns specific to growing older such as:

  •  The death of a partner and close friends
  •  Caring for a spouse with dementia
  •  Losing a beloved home with a move to senior housing
  •  Memory loss
  •  The loss of independent functioning
  •  Health problems
  •  Decline of vision or hearing
  •  Lack or loss of social connections

Life experiences such as these can dramatically affect any person’s emotional well-being. Even people who have led cheerful, satisfying lives can become overwhelmed when faced with so many difficult health issues and losses. Discussing a problem with a caring, professional counselor can really make a difference. It can help you work through your feelings, recognize your strengths, consider alternatives, learn new coping skills and redirect your life toward greater meaning and purpose.

Individual Caregiver Counseling

Assisting a family member can be stressful, especially for those trying to juggle other responsibilities. Symptoms of anxiety and depression can result from frustration and unresolved resentments from their past. Counseling can help caregivers come to terms with the impact of past family issues, increase their coping skills and improve their moods and ability to function more effectively in the present.

Caregiving Family Counseling

There may be times when families require additional help reaching agreement with each other about caregiving.  A Facilitated Family Meeting led by a professional counselor provides an opportunity for everyone to listen to each other’s opinions and concerns.  Problems and conflicts are identified, improvements and solutions are sought that are fair to everyone, and a plan for task delegation is developed.

Cost of Service

Senior Services’ counselors are providers for Medicare Part B and other insurance plans for counseling services. Annual deductibles and co-pays or reasonable fees may apply.