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Special Days to Celebrate in July

Brought to you by Senior Services Center Directors

July is National Ice Cream Month!

Thurs, July 2nd –
Games & Puzzles Day!
Pull a game or puzzle out that
you’ve been meaning to play
or put together.

Sat, July 4th –
Independence Day
Enjoy your 4th while at home,
try a new recipe, grab some
sparklers and have some fun!

Thurs, July 9th –
National Sugar
Cookie Day!
Celebrate with a sweet treat.

Tues, July 14th –
National Mac & Cheese Day!
Try a new recipe for homemade
mac & cheese or you could stick
with a brand favorite!

Wed, July 15th –
National Gummi Bear Day
Celebrate Family History Day
Take a moment today to
appreciate your history
and heritage.

Fri, July 17th – Emoji Day

Mon, July 20th –
Christmas in July

Wed, July 22nd –
Refreshment Day
Enjoy a cool refreshment at
home or outdoors while
enjoying the Summer sun!

Fri, July 24th –
National Drive-thru Day!
Treat yourself to Curbside
Pick-up with Senior Services
or your favorite drive-thru

Sun, July 26th –
National Parents’ Day!
Celebrate your parents
or the special parents
in your life.

Mon, July 27th –
Give Something
Away Day!
Donate to West Midland Family Center

Wed, July 29th –
Day of Friendship
Call a friend you haven’t
reached out to in a while
and check-in on them!

Read more about
national days of every month
at nationaltoday.com!

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