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Stay Healthy for the Holidays

How to Avoid a Cold or Flu
The winter holidays will be here soon. This time of year we often spend more time shopping, visiting and attending gatherings with family, friends and coworkers. It is also the cold and flu season. These viruses spread easily in our communities and we are out and about more than usual, increasing the chances of getting sick. This class will identify some of the most contaminated places we encounter in the public setting. We will learn the differences between a cold and the flu, as well as recommendations to help reduce your risk of getting sick.

Sanford: Dec 8, 12:15pm   687-7888Healthy Holidays
Trailside: Dec 10, 12:00pm  633-3790
Happy Diners: Dec 14, 12:00pm  835-6891
Greendale: Dec 15, 11:00am  832-8683
Coleman: Dec 17, 12:30pm   465-6216
Mills: Dec 28, 12:30pm   689-7776

To reserve a seat, call the Activity & Dining Center of your choice at least one day before the presentation. We encourage you to come for lunch the day of the program.  To make a lunch reservation, call the center you plan to attend before 9:00am on that day.