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Take Another Look at Adult Day Services

Are Adult Day Services what you perceive them to be? It’s possible that some of your ideas may be misconceptions. Adult Day Services aren’t just for people with dementia, it isn’t “day care” and it isn’t just respite for caregivers.

8Our Adult Day Services are for people with all sorts of physical changes that require a little extra assistance during the day, like after someone has had a stroke, or been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Our programs are very beneficial for the participants, centered around their needs and improve their quality and outlook on life.

A common question we get about Adult Day Services is “What do people do there?” This isn’t always an easy, quick answer. Adult Day Programs offer so much to an individual. The programs are vast and individualized to each member and their personal needs and goals are greatly considered. Let’s take a quick look at what our two adult day programs, Birchwood and Seasons, have to offer.

Birchwood is a daytime program for individuals who desire to live as well as they can with changes in their physical health and/or memory as they age. Birchwood members benefit by:

  • Engaging in cognitive stimulation focused on brain fitness
  • Participating in structured physical wellness and exercise programs
  • Developing and expressing their creativity
  • Socialization
  • Life skill preservation

Activities and programs are facilitated by staff and assistance is provided as needed. The program’s unique design and structure is driven by a therapeutic approach to ensure that the whole person—mind, body and spirit—is meaningfully engaged.

Seasons is a daytime program for individuals who benefit from additional support while living with increased changes in their memory from dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease. The programs are designed by a Recreation Therapist to focus on:

  • Increasing cognition
  • Improving verbal skills
  • Reminiscing
  • Maintaining and supporting life skills
  • Music
  • Creativity

Did You Know?

See you if you know these things about Adult Day Services:

  • Did you know that you don’t have to come every day? Half and full day options are also available.
  • Did you know that by attending an adult day program you could maintain or even improve your memory and brain health?
  • Did you know that Seasons has been operating in our community for nearly 20 years?
  • Did you know we have two licensed nurses on staff?
  • Did you know that two free trial days are offered with no commitment?
  • Did you know that a free membership to our Fitness Room is included when you become a member of Birchwood?
  • Did you know that there are some insurances that will pay to attend adult day?
  • Did you know that needing assistance using the restroom, bathing, or even cutting food, can be accommodated in a discrete way?
  • Did you know that you have easy access to additional services such as salon, massage therapy, foot care, counseling, and even physical and occupational therapy services with your Adult Day membership?

Spread the Word!

You may not need Adult Day Services, but chances are, you know someone who might. As you were reading this information, maybe a friend or two came to mind. Spread the word! Let people know we offer these meaningful, life-changing programs.

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