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Therapeutic Massage Offered at Senior Services

Senior Services  offers massage therapy appointments for caregivers and local seniors.

Massage is more than just a fad or luxury. Its benefits for providing emotional and other benefits to elders have been shown in studies by the Touch Research Institute among others. Benefits of massage therapy include better management of pain, improved sleep and even increased cognitive function. According to Donna Torney, licensed clinical mental health counselor and writer for Live-Strong, “Massage is a gentle and loving way for seniors to experience human connection. Touch deprivation is a common problem among seniors as social interaction becomes less frequent. Massage therapy can restore a sense of connection and encourage a sense of well-being.”

Caregivers, in their sometimes high-stress role, also need and benefit greatly from the stress reduction, sense of greater well-being, sleep improvement and pain relief that massage can provide.

Shoulder, neck, back, head, arms, legs or feet are possible as sites of focus at these clinics customized to your wishes. Ten and 20 minute chair massage sessions will be available by appointment on the first and third Thursday of each month at a cost of just one dollar per minute payable to Absolute Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Call 633-3700 to reserve a spot.