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Tips for Holiday Gift Giving

Holiday gift-giving doesn’t have to be a pain. Follow these tips to save time and money.

  • Shop early and record gifts in a small notebook so you don’t forget what you purchased. Store those gifts in a central location in your home. If you want to keep track of your holiday budget, write down the amount spent on each gift.
  • Shop with a purpose. Avoid aimlessly wandering the mall by preparing a list of appropriate gift ideas.
  • If you find a great gift, buy it for multiple people on your list. Also buy a few general presents to give to unexpected guests who come bearing gifts.
  • Avoid lines by shopping on weekdays, preferably early in the day. Or avoid all lines by purchasing online or from catalogs. Avoid the post office on Saturdays and during lunch hours. Purchase stamps online at usps.com

Then, help your family and friends stay organized. This year, give gifts that don’t add clutter to your loved ones’ homes. Here are some ideas to fit a variety of budgets.

  • Senior Services’ meal certificates
  • Bird feeder and seed
  • Stamps, note cards and pens
  • Tickets to an upcoming performance or a Midland Center for the Arts subscription
  • Romantic meal-in-a-basket: a jar of pasta sauce, pasta, wine, and a pair of wine glasses
  • Movie passes
  • Coupon good for babysitting or a homemade dinner
  • Cooking lessons at a local cooking school
  • Homemade jams, salsas or soups in pretty jars