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Travel Scams

Taken from Attorney General Bill Schuette’s Senior Brigade

Each day, consumers are bombarded with emails, texts or faxes that advertise cheap or free vacations. Before you sign up for your “dream” vacation, review the following tips and determine if what’s being offered is really a great deal or simply a scam.

You’ve won a free vacation! But, you must pay fees first. These fees could range from taxes, add-ons, to mandatory timeshare presentations. Make sure all of the fees are calculated and you understand all terms before you sign any paperwork.

We need to verify your identity. Do not give your credit card or other personal or financial identifying information to a company that wants your credit card information.

Contact you out of the blue. Before doing business with a company, it is wise to first research the company. Find their physical mailing address and phone number. Do an online search for the company and include “complaints” or “scams.” If you still have questions or would like to know if there are complaints regarding the company, contact the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division at 517-373-1140 or toll-free 877-765-8388.

Details aren’t available. If the advertisement makes promises on the quality or level of the trip, make sure you get them in writing. Review pictures of the hotel, resort, or ship.

Must act today! Anytime you are not given an opportunity to research and review your options, you should consider it a red flag, and walk away from this “opportunity.”