Become a Volunteer

We will be holding a volunteer orientation on Wednesday, June 13 from 2:00-3:30pm at our main building at 4700 Dublin Ave. in Midland. This will be for those who already know they would like to volunteer at Senior Services. Before attending, obtain a volunteer registration form from Volunteer Manager Tina Podboy Laughner by calling  989-633-3741 or by email at

About Volunteering at Senior Services

As a vital part of Senior Services’ mission to help older adults remain independent, we maintain a vibrant and essential volunteer team of over 500 area residents.  Because of the Volunteer Program, we are able to provide a very personal touch, enhancing the services available to Midland County seniors.  Volunteer opportunities are also an opportunity for local adults who wish to stay active and contribute to the community.

Benefits of Volunteering

Our volunteer program provides rewarding work in service to Midland County seniors. While working with this goal-oriented team, you will feel needed and valued, socialize and meet new people and develop skills and experience. Studies indicate that volunteers live longer, have lower rates of depression and recover faster from physical illness.

Time Commitment

Schedules vary according to the assignment. Most opportunities require about two hours per week, while others might require more.

Volunteer By Yourself or as a Group

Typically, an individual will volunteer for an assignment, but very often friends and husband and wives may take on a volunteer opportunity and share time and responsibilities.

How to Start Volunteering

If you’d like to become a volunteer or would like more information about volunteering, call 633-3700 or fill out the Volunteer Contact Form and our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you.