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What is Elder Abuse?

Elder AbuseAnd What Can I Do About It?

Anytime a person knowingly, intentionally or neglectfully causes harm or a significant risk of harm to a vulnerable adult, it is considered elder abuse. Often physical violence comes to mind, but it presents itself in many ways. It includes such things as verbal abuse, financially taking advantage of someone, and more. This class will cover what may constitute abuse, warning signs of abuse, prevention measures and what you can do if you know of or suspect elder abuse.

Greendale: Monday, August 8, 11:00am  832-8683
Coleman: Monday, August 8, 12:30pm  465-6216
Sanford: Tuesday, August 9, 12:15pm   687-7888
Trailside: Thursday, August 25, 12:00pm  633-3790
Mills: Tuesday, August 30, 12:30pm  689-7776  

We encourage you to come for lunch before the program. For lunch, call the center you plan to attend before 9:00am of that day to make your reservation.