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When Parents Resist Children’s Help

When one of your parents is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease it can be very traumatic for both of them. Your parents may want to try to handle things by themselves. Here are some ways to be an effective adult child caregiver:cheerful middle aged woman embracing disabled senior mother outd

  • Call or visit often and try to be helpful in ways that are acceptable such as errands, driving them places or yard work. Encourage your siblings to do the same.
  • Remember that the way the caregiving parent used to keep the house and yard or even the way he or she used to dress may no longer be important. There may be different priorities now.
  • Your caregiving parent has the right to try to give care on their own until the day he or she is unable.
  • Don’t become the “bad guy” through constant criticism or nagging or by continuing to give unsolicited suggestions. Support your parents and their decisions.
  • Be patient. Most parents eventually reach out for help from adult children if the children have been supportive and understanding.